Nov. 16, 2023

Support the Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act

I am writing to urge you, the pastors and laity of the New England Conference, to speak up on behalf of vulnerable youth and religious workers who are in the immigration process. 
Please ask your Senators and Congressional Representatives to support the Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act. A recent proposal in Congress puts visas for vulnerable youth and religious workers in the same category that would allow very few to become citizens. 
Without the Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Youth Act some of our own pastors will not be able to complete the immigration process and will lose their path to citizenship; some may even be forced to leave the United States.  
Please use the link below to let your voice be heard. 
In addition to the text provided, you can include a personal note. If you want to do more, you can call your lawmakers and stress that this is an issue of justice and needs their consideration and support. 
If you don’t know who your lawmakers are, this form will identify them for you when you fill in your mailing address. 
I encourage you to bring this link with you to church and invite everyone to support this vital legislation to protect religious workers and vulnerable youth. Your voice can make a difference. 
Our United Methodist Book of Resolutions states “Migrant rights are human rights … Christians don’t approach the issue of migration from the perspective of tribe or nation, but from within a faith community of love and welcome.” ¶6025 and ¶6028.


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